Hey all! Welcome to my blog! my name is Kylie and I am writing all about debt. Have you found yourself in a butt load of debt, so much so, that you have to file bankruptcy? Many people find themselves there just by chasing the American Dream.

I went to college, found my self in crazy school debt – had me re-thinking school. Wondering if this is the only option for a great college education, or if it’s a trap that society has conditioned us to get stuck in.

I had to make a choice to continue going in debt, buying a home, buying a car – all on credit, only going in to more debt, or if I was going to break away from the norm and learn how to MAKE MONEY first so that I could then buy my cars, home using all cash, or mostly cash.

That’s why I’m here. Helping others break out of debt so they can live a more fulfilled, fun, enjoyable life.

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Thanks for stopping by, continue to visit as I post some great articles on the subject of debt.